Patients, caregivers, friends, and healthcare professionals around the world have honored us by sharing a little of their Dhremo stories.  

My heart is so full to share this interview with 8 year old Tianna, a pediatric Leukemia patient, and one of the first kids to use Dhremo Therapy IV Decals. What a light she is! Enjoy!

"Anyone going through chemo knows that the little things matter in a big way. Dhremo lifted my spirits to see that “sunshine” and “light & love” were coming through my IV! Thanks for making a difference during such a challenging time!"

Brooke, Cancer Patient


"Cancer isn’t just a physical journey. It is an all-encompassing mind, body and spirit journey. Dhremo Decals empower you and all those around you in the infusion room."

Debbie T., Cancer Survivor

"What an incredible and motivating tool, so creative. Thrilled with the product I received. Thank you." 

Michelle, Etsy Buyer


"I just want you to know that my daughter has had two chemo treatments and has used your decals both times. It was wonderful! She kept saying 'I feel love and light moving all through my body.' It sure was a gift to be with her using Dhremo!"

Sarala G. , Caretaker & Mom, Victoria, BC


"This is such a wonderful product! I love the designs and of course the concept is incredible. Thank you Dhremo for making my Aunt’s treatments uplifting rather than scary."

Rachel M., Etsy Buyer

"My friend loved her gift & used Vitality at her 1st chemo treatment. Excellent product & shipping. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with others battling cancer."

teresab921, Etsy Buyer


"I know that Dhremo Decals will help ease the minds and souls of the many who will undergo chemotherapy. By literally “reframing“ it in a different and empowering light, you will help with the healing of so many. In my 20 years as an Oncologist, I have not seen anything like this."

R. Donegan, MD, Medical Oncologist, Greater Baltimore Medical Center


"As an Oncology Nurse Patient Navigator, I wholeheartedly recommend Dhremo for all cancer fighters! The innovative creation and sharing of these decals touched my heart, the hearts of the nursing staff and other patients."

Sharon C., RN, MS Oncology Nurse Patient Navigator


"The PERFECT little gift for someone with cancer! I wish I had these for my chemo bags during treatment! I’m loving giving them as gifts to surround those in the right with encouragement, love and positive vibes! Placing my 2nd order soon."

Kym S., RN, Oncology Nurse & Survivor, Santa Cruz, CA


"Great ‘pick me up’ for those undergoing IV therapy. I gave some to my oncologist to give to patients and all the staff loved them."

misty179, Etsy Buyer


You're Not Alone.

We're in this fight with you. Every day, cancer warriors around the nation use Dhremo to add a little inspiration to their own journey.  

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