Working with Dhremo

Join the growing number of hospitals who are offering Dhremo Therapy IV Decals as part of their comprehensive cancer care.  Dhremo re-frames chemotherapy, for both patients and health care professionals.   See what a difference it makes when you give your patients this tool to empower a positive mindset and harness the placebo/ nocebo effect. 

Integrating Dhremo into your hospital is easy.  Watch our training video for tips on applying and talking about Dhremo, and follow the quick reference guide below.


Hospital Kits

Bring Dhremo Therapy to your Hospital or Treatment Center

Want to offer Dhremo Therapy to your patients?  You can now order bulk decal hospital kits including 25, 50 or 100 of each of our pediatric or apothecary decal designs.  Like all of our products, 10% of profits are donated to cancer research and support organizations.


Each Hospital Kit Includes: 

  • 6 Decal Designs : 600 / 300 / 150 count (either apothecary or circus themed) 
  • Includes 100 / 50 / 25 count  Design-It-Yourself Decals
  • Laminated Decal Menu - to take to patient bedside to chose a decal design. 
  • Safety & Usage Directions - Pharmacy developed instructions for nurses. 
  • Nurse Training Video – Utilize our 5 minute training video for oncology nurses on safety and usage directions as well as suggestions on introducing decals to patients. 
  • Plastic Sealed Case - For easy access and storage of decals. 
  • Direct Support – work with Heather, our Clinical Integration Specialist to integrate Dhremo into your hospital or infusion center. 

safety guidelines

Below we breakdown the rules in four pharmacy developed easy steps. You can also download a quick-reference guide to print!


1. Prep

Decals should be placed on the IV bag by the patient’s nurse, wearing the appropriate PPE (standard or chemotherapy gloves, depending on the medication being infused).  


2. Place

Place decals such that there is no obstruction of patient identification labels, drug information, or barcodes and so that there is a 1-inch gap between the bottom of the IV bag and the bottom of the decal. This will allow for visualization of any precipitate.


3. Hang

Bags may be hung with the decorative decal facing outward, as long as the nurse can easily view the pharmacy labels on the reverse side.


4. the details

Once applied, decals may not be reused or removed from the IV bag and taken home by the patient, as they may be contaminated with trace amounts of chemotherapy. Decals are not intended for syringes and injectables.

As an Oncology Nurse Patient Navigator, I wholeheartedly recommend Dhremo for all cancer fighters! The innovative creation and sharing of these decals touched my heart, the hearts of the nursing staff and other patients.
— Sharon, RN, MS


Heather Keller, RN, BSN, RYT, CHTP, works with hospitals directly to implement new programs.  Set up a call to discuss starting a program in your center. 


the research

Research continues to point to the power of the mind in healing. Below are links to just a few of these research studies that back our approach.  

We are currently conducting pilot research on the direct effects of Dhremo IV Decals with both pediatric and adult patients in partnership with Lifebridge Health and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. We look forward to sharing more as we gather data. 

Hoping Is Coping: A Guiding Theoretical Framework for Promoting Coping and Adjustment Following Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis

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Research that supports the notion of 'mind over matter'. Research shows how perception of stress as negative or positive can impact influence on our physical health.

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Change your Mindset, Change the Game

Dr. Alia Crum

The ways in which we think and believe has an impact on how our physical body will respond and what we experience.

The science of how mindset transforms the human experience

Dr. Alia Crum

The reality we will experience tomorrow is in part a product of the mindsets we hold today. Stanford’s Alia Crum explain where our mindsets come from and how they impact our physical health, including through the placebo effect and our attitudes to work, food and stress.

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I know that Dhremo Decals will help ease the minds and souls of the many who will undergo chemotherapy. By literally “reframing“ it in a different and empowering light, you will help with the healing of so many. In my 20 years as an Oncologist, I have not seen anything like this.
— R. Donegan, MD, Medical Oncologist, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Current Hospital Programs


Hospitals around the country are supporting their patients by providing Dhremo Therapy IV Decals. Here are just a few, but the list is growing every day!