about us

What is Dhremo?

Created during my own cancer journey, Dhremo Therapy IV decals are apothecary inspired adhesive decals that reframe the experience of chemotherapy when applied to infusion IV bags.

Apothecary Decals

With our original 5 apothecary style decals you can re-imagine your infusion to be the “solution” you want:  Vitality, Clarity, Hope, Love & Light or Miracle Serum.  Designed to give a nod to the days of early American medicine when over-the-top claims boasted of the guaranteed powers of healing elixirs.  Expect miracles! 

dhremo kids

Our pediatric line of decals was designed specifically for young cancer warriors.  With circus inspired designs, they act as a powerful visual and mental aid lowering fear and aversion to chemotherapy, and helping children and caretakers alike.  Your imagination is the greatest medicine on Earth!

hospital kits

Want to offer a Dhremo Therapy program for your patients?  You can now order bulk decal hospital kits including 25, 50 or 100 of each of our pediatric or apothecary decal designs.  Like all of our products, 10% of profits are donated to cancer research and support organizations.

mind the current products

In a world full of distraction it is easy to lose sight of the present moment, the miracle that is the here and now. This line of products help us practice mindfulness, because our thoughts are powerful!