Artist, Mom and Cancer Survivor tells her story about how she mentally reframed Chemotherapy and beat cancer. Video by Diana Linn and Jonathan Morlu.

Dhremo makes a great gift!  

When I was going through treatment many people reached out but were at a loss as to what they could do to help.  Many kept saying to me, "just try to be positive!  You can do it!"  Having gone through this myself I believe receiving Dhremo is a great way to give your loved one a "vote of confidence"  that they can not only make it through treatment but can actually use this time to connect, to reflect and to come out a better, stronger person.  That's way better than a casserole or a pink ribbon pin. 

(They also work great on water bottles or journals.)  

Each set includes 5 decals : 

Miracles, Hope, Vitality, Light & Love, and Clarity.  

Directions:  Simply peel and stick each decal directly onto the back of each of your IV bags.  Then, most importantly:  imagine, believe and infuse healing thoughts. 

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