No one ever expects to receive a cancer diagnosis.  When you do, its like the flood gates are suddenly opened and you are rushed down the river with very little time to find your bearings or make any calculated decisions.  You are shuffled from doctor to doctor and recommended for tests, surgeries and treatments, all the while cramming the cliff notes for Cancer 101.  It was only after my first 2 surgeries that I popped my head out of the rushing river and thought to myself, wait I have choices here.  Having taught a stint of white water canoeing back in college, I remembered vividly teaching kids about what to do if they found themselves suddenly capsized in the rapids.  We always taught that you don't fight the current.  You cross your arms over your heart, and relax on your back and enjoy the ride until you are out of the rapids.  It's when you resist that you get hurt.  Cancer is no different.  No matter what you face there are always two choices:  that of fear (resisting and fighting) or that of love (embracing the experience).    I was not going to fight, I was going to embrace this little rough stretch, and Dhremo was my way of doing this.  



When I created Dhremo, I never imagined it to be anything other than a one time solution for my own treatment.  However when you have gone down the river, and know a bit about the dips and turns, you feel the importance of sharing your journey with the countless others you know will follow.   Especially when you see how much it helps others make it through the rapids.  Making Dhremo available is my way of giving forward to these folks who are about to hit the water.  I'm hoping that hearing my story and utilizing  Dhremo,  cancer patients might have that same wake up moment I did.  Dhremo is a call to those going through cancer that there is hope,  that you have the power within yourself to make it through this, and that our thoughts and beliefs are powerful:  so lets use them for good!   This is my first and foremost mission for bringing Dhremo into the world.  



The other mission I have for Dhremo, is to give back to the many cancer organizations who are helping so many.  For every package of Dhremo sold, I will be donating $1 to a cancer support center or organization.  My first year this donation is going to Hopewell Cancer Support in Baltimore, MD.  Hopewell is a second home to so many, offering free programming in yoga, qi gong, meditation and nutrition and more for cancer patients and their families.  They understand that healing is multifaceted and are so in line with what Dhremo is about.  Not only have they helped me in my own health and wellness, but they have also been integral in supporting me through my efforts to make Dhremo available to all.  Thanks Hopewell!