Bring Dhremo Therapy to your Hospital or Treatment Center

Want to offer Dhremo Therapy program for your patients?  You can now order bulk decal starter kits including 25, 50 or 100 of each of our pediatric or regular decal designs.  Like all of our products, 10% of sales are donated to cancer research and support organizations. 


Dhremo Therapy Pediatric Hospital Starter Kits

Empower your little patients with Dhremo Therapy IV Decals.  Included in each kit are either 25, 50 or 100 of each design.  Click on the button below to download a one page printable information sheet with pricing. 



Pediatric Kits include 6 decal designs, along with 2 promotional posters:

1. Courage Boosting Bravery Elixir

2. Everlasting Wishing Well Tonic

3. Super Strength Activating Serum

4. 100% Pure Sunshine Sparkles

5. Rainbow Cure Blaster

6. Design - It - Yourself (coloring book style decals)